How do Bones Heal After a Fracture?

2018-10-26T08:07:22+00:00October 26th, 2018|Blog, Orthopaedic|

There are three key stages to bone regrowth after a fracture. These stages all overlap over the course of six to 12  weeks until the bone has repaired itself. Understanding the healing process can assist fracture patients in understanding what to expect as they go through the regrowth phase. Hampton Roads Orthopaedics, Spine & Sports [...]

4 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

2018-08-13T10:59:11+00:00October 14th, 2018|Blog|

The shoulder is a complicated structure of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and a ball-and-socket construction. When one or more of these elements becomes injured, the result is pain and restrictions in movement. Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine wants you to know about four common causes of shoulder pain and how to identify the symptoms [...]

Taking Ankle Sprains Seriously

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  "It's just a sprain." Many of us have heard these words, or have said them ourselves, after suffering an ankle injury. This common injury is often treated as an uncomfortable yet unremarkable inconvenience; however, in recent years research has shown that ankle sprains can have a long-term impact on joint stability, activity level and [...]

Spinal Tumors: What You Need to Know

2018-08-13T10:43:41+00:00September 27th, 2018|Blog, Spine|

Spinal tumors can develop along the spinal cord or inside the individual vertebrae. There are several different types of spinal tumors, but they may share certain symptoms and characteristics. Because the spinal cord and the nerves bundled within are delicate, treatment must proceed with caution.  Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine will guide you through [...]

Common Orthopaedic Problems Caused From Playing Sports

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Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine knows participating in sports can promote good health, as well as teach you how to compete and be a contribution to a team. Each year, many people are injured from playing sports and suffer from orthopedic issues. Even when safety precautions are taken, accidents still happen. While some injuries [...]

Experiencing Heel Pain? It Could be Plantar Fasciitis

2018-08-09T14:09:05+00:00August 27th, 2018|Blog|

If you are one of the millions of people who have pain on the bottom of one or both feet, especially upon rising in the morning, you could be suffering from plantar fasciitis.  Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition often experienced by the middle-aged.  However, anyone of any age can be stricken by the condition [...]

Understanding Inflammation

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Inflammation is something that every person will experience multiple times in their life. Whether you are an athlete who has suffered a sports-related injury, or you are just a person who tweaked their back while lifting heavy boxes when you moved last month, there is no doubt that you have felt the impact of inflammation. [...]

Treating Neuropathy with Physical Therapy

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There are a multitude of illnesses and injuries that can sometimes lead a person to experience issues with peripheral neuropathy.  Diabetes, certain infections or medications, trauma, alcoholism, tumors, and a host of various diseases and other issues, are often the culprits behind neuropathy.  Patients experiencing neuropathy often report issues with: pain numbness (pins and needles [...]

How To Have A Safe Orthopaedic Surgery Recovery

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All orthopaedic surgeries are unique because each person in the operating room has different needs. The providers at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine treat and surgically repair many types of injuries, from fractures to joint replacements to ligament repairs and more. Recovering from surgery can differ as well, depending on the severity of the [...]