In 2012, HROSM added Interventional Pain Management to our scope of services. Our Pain Management Program features the newest, most advanced and innovative modalities, and the leadership of preeminent interventional spine & sports specialists’, Dr. Kinjal B.Sohagia, Dr. Scott Bradley and Dr. Rebecca Shoemaker.

In addition to providing interventional pain management, our physicians also focus on providing care to athletes. Our sports medicine providers have been selected as the official team physicians for area public schools to include York, Grafton, Tabb, Poquoson, and Bruton High schools. Visit our Sports Medicine page for more details on diagnostic and treatment options provided by Dr. Kinjal Sohagia, Dr. Scott Bradley, Dr. Rebecca Shomaker and the other physicians of our practice.

About Interventional Pain Medicine

The resolution of acute and/or chronic pain can be a difficult task. Many patients struggle to find a provider who truly understands their needs. As a result, many patients have been shuffled between emergency room physicians, primary care physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and other specialists. Interventional pain medicine provides an avenue for patients who have not responded to other treatment methods.

Interventional pain medicine is a medical sub-specialty that uses injections and minimally invasive techniques in order to diagnose and treat painful conditions. For the patient’s benefit, the emphasis is on a minimal reliance on medication whenever possible. This method involves a team of professionals working together to provide a multidisciplinary approach to patients suffering from chronic and/or acute pain to provide the best result possible for their pain management.

What Other Steps Do We Recommend?

Exercise, physical therapy, and medication are used along with minimally invasive procedures, to effectively diagnose, treat, and manage your pain.

Meet our Pain Management Specialists

Dr. Kinjal Sohagia 

Dr. Scott Bradley

Dr. Shoemaker


+Arthritis Pain
+Back Pain
+Facet Joint
+Facet Syndrome
+Failed Back Syndrome
+Headaches/Chronic Migraines
+Herniated Discs
+Illiopsoas Bursitis
+Myofascial Pain (MFPS)
+Neck Pain
+Post-Surgical Pain
+SI Joint Dysfunction
+Spinal Stenosis
+Trochanteric Bursitis


+Botox Injections
+Disc Decompression
+Facet Injections
+Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
+Neural Therapy
+Neurotoxin Injections
+Osteopathic Therapy
+SI Joint Injection
+Spinal Cord Stimulation
+Trigger Point Injections


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