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    Whether it is through prevention education, personal training, physical therapy or surgical intervention, we are dedicated to keeping your sports goals on track.

About the Practice

Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine has been providing quality orthopaedic care for more than 50 years to area residents in Hampton Roads. Originally founded by Dr. Wieman Kretz, the first orthopaedic surgeon in the area, Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine continues to evolve to meet the demands of the ever-changing orthopaedic healthcare industry. In addition to orthopaedic care, our physicians participate with the training of future physicians through the Riverside Regional Medical Center as well as participating in clinical research studies and working with various healthcare developers to enhance adult reconstruction. Our physicians are educators, volunteers, and leaders within the community and enjoy being able to give back to Hampton Roads residents. From educating players and coaches in the prevention of sports-related injuries to offering quality orthopaedic healthcare to those less fortunate, our physicians are dedicated to community involvement. Throughout the years, our physicians have offered support to local free clinics and have been the proud sponsor of the Virginia Living Museum, the Relay for Life, Bon Secours Auxiliary volunteers, and the Arthritis Foundation.
Experts in minimally invasive Procedures and Care
Advancements in medical procedures, such as MAKOplasty® joint replacement, allow HROSM to achieve a new level of accuracy in treating adults who suffer from non-inflammatory and inflammatory joint disease.
Ongoing support from diagnosis to recovery
The mission of Hampton Roads Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care while focusing on educating our patients in the prevention of orthopedic injuries and diseases.
Patient Testimonials
Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
“The left hip trouble started in earnest in October 2010, but I was sure I could manage it-I had managed everything else so far. Over-confident! Next, I found a “doctor in the book”, but by late 2012, my hunt was on for an A+ leading-edge “jiffy hip” expert who would be able to return me to active mobility ASAP. I have a packed schedule as a forty-something fitness-age person in a 71 year-old body. Abracadabra, he was right in my backyard-Dr. John Aldridge!

Dr. Aldridge was first up in friends and family referrals, carefully vetted by me, a mathematician with a specialty in geometry. The geometry of the operation worried me a bit. I vetted him carefully. Well, that took about two minutes. It was the video that sealed it for me. Beyond the expertise and instructing other surgeons, he loves what he does. That’s it, he’s my #1. Can I get in?

After a quick choice of Robotic (MAKOplasty) surgery-the famous “jiffy hip”-I made the Aldridge Class of 2013 on 15 April at Mary Immaculate Hospital and graduated to a pain-free life from then and there! Talk about an A+ doctor and team. He did most of the work, but I did work out like mad every day until the big day and I worked hard to be a good patient in the hospital and at home during recovery. I was walking the third day after surgery and soon was walking three miles. With the exception of the first three days and nights post-op, when my sister Bet stepped up to the plate with support, it was hard to figure why people make such a fuss about surgery. I had not had any surgery since my tonsils were out. What did I know?

The world-class A+ good Dr. Aldridge proved his case to me as if there was nothing to it. That is what really got me. That still impresses me most. That has been my experience from the welcoming automatic entrance door for the first visit, to the super-friendly, talented, efficient and patient-centered Dr. Aldridge team and the entire HROSM practice. Nothing to it.

This is a place of dedicated professionals who take a personal interest in the patient while showing deep commitment to the hard work their care requires.

Thank you so much Dr. Aldridge, Team and HROSM. Here’s to your health too!


  • Joint Replacement Seminar
    August 13, 2015
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

In a effort to assist our patients in learning about their upcoming joint replacement surgery, Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine is now offering a free joint replacement seminar. This seminar with help to guide you through the surgery and rehabilitation process. The more you know about your surgery, the easier the process will be… Read more »

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