“A New Knee and a New Lease on Life! ~ Susie Dorton

“Having a positive outlook is the key to a happy life,” says Susie Dorton, who loves being involved in her church, teaching workshops and crafting. “I have lost two husbands and a son, and it makes you look at life so differently.” Even through life’s most difficult seasons, her positive mindset proves to be a source of inspiration to those around her.

For many years, persistent arthritis in her right knee has threatened to slow Susie down. The constant pain led to many doctor visits and various treatment options. “We first tried conservative treatments to ease the pain of Susie’s arthritis, including a series of cortisone shots and viscosupplement injections,” explained Dr. Swenson. “However, as her arthritis progressed, these methods became less effective. Eventually, the pain became severe enough to make daily tasks difficult.”

Finally, Susie’s surgeon, Dr. Jon Swenson, suggested a total knee replacement as the next step to treat her arthritis. Although she initially had some reservations about the surgery slowing her down, she ultimately knew surgery was the right choice for her. “Dr. Swenson is an angel, and I knew I was in good hands with him. He took his time to explain everything to me, and it is a great comfort to know he is my doctor.”

In August of 2016, Susie had a total knee replacement on her right knee. “We decided on knee replacement because previous treatments failed, and the pain was affecting the quality of her life,” states, Dr. Swenson. “I am extremely proud of her for her excellent recovery.” He adds that Susie demonstrated a positive attitude and motivation to complete post-surgery rehabilitation, both necessary qualities for those having knee replacements.

“Staying busy is what keeps me going, and I wanted to have the kind of life where I can keep doing the things that I love. I chose to have the knee replacement surgery so I can continue having a good quality of life.”

Susie has only great things to say about her experience with Hampton Roads Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. “Dr. Swenson was so caring and very attentive. He always took his time with me, which made me feel like he truly cared about me,” Susie observes, “ I would recommend Dr. Swenson to anyone with knee problems!”

She adds, “Also, Dr. Swenson’s physician assistant was always really helpful. After my surgery, I worked with Marc in physical therapy, and he was just wonderful. I would recommend HROSM to anyone,” Susie says, noting the staff’s positive attitude and commitment to service.

Susie is well on her way to recovery. After rehabilitation and physical therapy, she says she now has more good days with her knees. She can continue to do all the things she enjoys, but without the kind of pain she experienced prior to surgery.

“If you are in pain, don’t wait,” Susie advises, “I only wish that I had the surgery sooner!”

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