shutterstock_82040347The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in your body – the shoulder can assume about 1,600 different positions! There is more movement at the shoulder joint than at any other joint in the body. This fact makes the shoulders more susceptible to serious injury. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your shoulders strong and healthy.
Always take some time to warm up before any physical activity. a few sets of jumping jacks or run for a few minutes to warm up your entire body. To warm up your arms and shoulders do a few range of motion exercise.

Stretching after exercising helps to improve flexibility, relieve tension, and prevent injuries.

Your core is the support system for the rest of your body and having a strong core will help your shoulders.

Introduce variety in your exercise routine as to avoid injury to your shoulders from overuse. Rotate between a few of your favorite activities every few days such as running, swimming or yoga.

Always wear protective gear when playing high impact sports such as lacrosse, hockey and football.

Make sure to give your muscles and joints proper time to recover by taking a day or two off every week.
A shoulder injury can make daily tasks like showering, sleeping, and eating very difficult and it can keep you from staying active doing the things you love. While, not all injuries can be prevented, following these tips can help to avoid injuries. If you have already suffered a shoulder injury, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to find out what treatment options are available for you.