Dr. Carter joint replacement surgeonI joined HROSM in 2014 and have been working exclusively with Dr. Carter ever since. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dr. Carter for almost 10 years and since beginning with HROSM have grown to know Dr. Carter as a surgeon. I have seen the passion and respect that he has for his patients as well as his work as a surgeon.

Dr. Carter is an expert when it comes to hips and knees and he is on the forefront of any medical advancements and treatments; for example, he was the 2ndorthopaedic surgeon to perform the anterior approach to hip replacement. Dr. Carter also has a passion for educating other orthopedic surgeons and over the past year, has been able to live stream surgical cases to educate surgeons on new techniques to improve patient outcomes. The community’s perception of Dr. Carter is a testament to his skill as he is known to be a wonderful surgeon, but also a wonderful person.

What I admire most about Dr. Carter is the quality of care that he provides for his patients; his favorite thing to say is “we treat patients, not X-rays.” He takes the time to provide each patient with an understanding of the specified treatment so that they are fully aware and understand their diagnosis.

Dr. Carter has developed a highly trained orthopedic team to help provide the necessary care to all of his patients. In addition to the services I provide as his nurse, we also have two physician assistants Jenna Crockett and Sean Hindman, two medical assistants and two surgery schedulers. With our team approach, we are able to give patients the best care possible. All of us are truly essential to the team.

I am incredibly lucky to be able to work for such an amazing doctor.

–  Kristie Scully, LPN