Frosty temperatures and icy sidewalks can be even more challenging when you’re dealing with symptoms of arthritis. For many people living with arthritis, pain, swelling, stiffness, and fatigue are more difficult to control during the winter. Some people feel more joint pain, for example, when the weather turns cold and damp.  If you are suffering from arthritis, follow these tips to relieve symptoms during the winter months.
Stay Active
As it is much colder outside, you may not be able to get the exercise you used to from activities like walking or gardening. However, it is important to keep exercising on a daily basis. You can head to the gym and walk on the treadmill, work on strengthening exercises, or even walk around the mall!
Maintain a Healthy Weight
Did you know every time you take a step the pressure across your knees is three to four times your bodyweight? Even losing three pounds of weight can take about nine to 12 pounds of pressure off your knees when you walk.
Supplement Calcium and Vitamin D
Calcium is essential for bone growth and maintenance and Vitamin D helps the body absorb Calcium. To make Vitamin D we need sunshine which will be hard to find in the upcoming months. Talk to you doctor about Calcium and Vitamin D supplements.
Keep Warm
Heat can help relieve stiffness and pain from aching joints. During the cold winter months you can keep your body warm by using hot water bottles and heating pads, wearing warm clothes and taking warm baths.
Whether the joint pain/weather connection is scientifically true or not, you can still use these arthritis pain-relief suggestions when aching joints flare up in winter.