upright mri imaging Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine was the first office in Virginia to offer upright MR imaging to patients throughout the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas.

Today we will discuss the many great advantages to an Open, Multi-Positional MRI, including:

Open design – never feel confined again 

With the use of multi-positional imaging, patients will have a more comfortable experience while undergoing an MRI scan. The Multi-Positional MRI is so open it allows the patient to walk into the scanner, have their scan done, and walk out. There is nothing directly in front of their face or over their heads that can cause them to experience a “closed in” feeling.

Sit, stand or lay down
We can scan patients while they are standing, sitting, in flexion, extension, rotation, lateral bending as well as the usual position used in “lie down” MRI scanning.

This allows us to place the patient in the position necessary to provide the most accurate diagnosis, and enables us to prescribe and execute the most effective treatment. This, in turn, allows the patient to recover more quickly.

Watch TV during your scan
Thanks to the open design, during upright imaging, the patient may watch a 42″ flat-screen TV during the scan.

Kid Friendly
The multi-positional MRI also allows children an unprecedented degree of comfort while undergoing a scan. With the conventional MRI, children sometimes have to be anesthetized in order to be scanned. Upright imaging allows infants and children to sit comfortably on their mother’s lap during the entire scan, sleeping peacefully or watching cartoons.

Open 7 days a week
The MRI Center at Hampton Roads Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is open seven days a week, and we offer flexible appointment times that work for you!

Read our MRI FAQs to learn more, or schedule your appointment online today.