Being a Medical Assistant with Dr. Shoemaker HROSMOver the last 5 years that I have worked for HROSM Pain Management, I have had the opportunity to work with great physicians, and coworkers. Last year we had a new addition to the HROSM family, Dr. Rebecca Shoemaker. Upon her arrival she did not waste any time when it came to her patients, I was deeply moved by Dr. Shoemaker’s dedication and time she puts into her clinic to provide a great service for her patients. I learned fast that she does not give up when it comes to complicated cases. Instead of referring these cases to another doctor, she takes the time to develop an individualized treatment plan. I always joke with her that she could have been a detective, because she will investigate every problem to find the source of the patient’s pain. 

I admire her work ethic and the focus she provides to each of her patients. There is a difference between being a good doctor and a great one, and Dr. Shoemaker is definitely one of the great ones! She treats each patient as if they are her family members, with prestige bedside manners and class. The respect and investment she gives to each patient is unmatched.  She will always be a strong advocate for her patients; she is always willing to help patients get a prescription approved, secure an urgent appointment for a test or with a specialist, STAT imaging, enroll in a patient assistance program, or access necessary services like home health or physical therapy. Dr. Shoemaker honestly just cares about helping people and making them feel better so that they can enjoy and partake in life! She wants to see everyone succeed and be happy doing so. 

What I have learned over the past couple years is that it doesn’t matter to patients if you were at the top of your class, had a perfect GPA in medical school, or landed a prestigious residency; instead, patients want to feel that they are in good hands, and she knows how to make a patient feel as though they are being cared for, that their concerns are valid, and that they are being heard. At the end of the day, she wants you to be able to enjoy life and what it has to offer, pain free! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being a great doctor, but I think she’s pretty close to it!

– Kasey Manning