Tips to Combat Orthopedic Trauma InjuriesTrauma can result in simple physical injury to soft tissues of the body, simple bone fractures, or can be extensive, resulting in a crush injury to body parts. While trauma can be self-inflicted, a higher proportion of trauma is accidental. Road traffic accidents, sports, and physical falls from heights are the top causes of trauma. Traumatic injuries are challenging to treat, and are associated with debilitating consequences. Thus, it is worth it to focus on prevention.

How to Avoid Trauma on Roads

  • Responsible driving – Be careful while driving motor vehicles to prevent unnecessary accidents. Avoid drunk driving and any use of drugs that alter your judgment.
  • Use seat belt – Use a seat belt to prevent traumatic injury to your knee, forehead, and chest should the vehicle comes to a sudden stop. Chest trauma can be fatal if it causes massive internal bleeding and ruptures the lungs.
  • Look left, right, then left – Before crossing the road, you must be extra careful when crossing, especially intersections without crosswalks. Be sure there are no oncoming vehicles from either direction before you take your first step.

Physical trauma can break bones or joints, thus posing orthopedic injuries. Here are some common orthopedic injuries that can result from trauma.

Common Traumatic Orthopedic Injuries

  • Dislocation – This is when a joint is forced out of its normal position. The surrounding soft tissue may swell and is associated with pain.
  • Fracture – This refers to a crack or weakening in the bone, which can often lead to a break after the initial incident. Fractured bones may not be able to support other bones and muscles, leaving a limb unable to move.
  • Sprain or strain – This occurs as a result of a tear of the ligaments due to excessive stretching. The surrounding soft tissues swell, and joint mobility is reduced with significant pain.

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