Many people in today’s society spend most of their days sitting. From the commute to the office, working in front of computers, to eating at the dinner table and watching TV, we simply spend too much time sitting. New research finds that even if you’re active, logging too many hours your rear end can shorten your lifespan.

When we spend long periods of time in the sitting position:

  • Muscle groups held in a shortened position can become tight, including the hip flexors and hamstrings
  • Other muscles which are held in a prolonged stretched position can become weak and inhibited, including the gluteus medius and maximus

These muscle weakenss can lead to various problems, including knee and lower back pain.

If you want your health to be the best that it can be, you have to take certain steps! Try these tips to cut time in your chair:Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 12.07.00 PM

  • Get a Step Counter
    A Fitbit, A Nike+ FuelBand, or a Jawbone Up can encourage you to move more by showing how many steps you’ve taken.
  • Park Far Away
    Skip the fight for the best parking spot, and head to the back row!
  • Lunch Break Walks
    Use your lunch break to get outside and walk.
  • Set a Timer
    Set an alarm to remind yourself to get up at least once an hour to grab a drink, stretch, or otherwise engage your muscles.
  • Take a Walking Meeting
    If your boss is OK with it, schedule “walking” meetings and burn calories while you’re discussing work.
  • Try a Standing Desk
    Switch out your traditional chair for a stand up desk. Try standing periodically as you edit a document or send emails.