To be a good orthopaedic surgeon one must possess a special combination of physical and interpersonal skills. The following are some key traits that make up a successful and effective orthopedic surgeon. When searching for a
good surgeon, you can look for these factors:

Excellent Eye-Hand Coordination

Procedures such as joint replacement require precise movements with a sure hand. Laparoscopic surgeries, in which tiny cameras are used to create high-definition images on a screen, have many benefits over traditional surgery methods. While this method provides a clear view of the desired area, a surgeon needs exceptional coordination to sync his movements with what is on the screen.

An Open Mind

The first step toward successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis. It is critical for a surgeon to evaluate each case thoroughly, and avoid making assumption. A surgeon should also be open to embracing new technology and
methods as they emerge.


A good surgeon recognizes that even if conditions are similar, no two patients are the same. Each patient must be individually evaluated and their treatments must be tailored and adjusted based on their responses and


A tactful and sensitive surgeon will take the time to carefully explain everything to the patient to make sure they understand their diagnosis and treatment plan. They are willing to answer any questions the patients may have, and always display good bedside manners. As a surgeon they are responsible for helping a patient process and accept the need for treatment, while remaining aware of the patient’s feelings.

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