injury preventionIf you have a favorite athlete or sports team you regularly follow, you’ve probably noticed that almost every professional athlete eventually undergoes some type of major surgery due to a sports-related injury. For those that do not lead such an active lifestyle, it seems reasonable to assume they rarely have to experience the same fate. Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect. A sedentary lifestyle can also play a major role in determining whether an orthopedic surgery is in the future of the average individual. In this post, we will discuss some of the factors that increase a person’s risk for injury.

Today’s average lifestyle does not lend itself well to injury prevention. Many people spend hours every day sitting at a desk, followed by more sitting during a long commute. Upon arrival at home, between sharing a meal and family activities, there is little time left it seems for any kind of physical activity. Over time, lack of physical activity tends to lead to weight gain and weakened muscles. Muscles are a person’s first line of defense against injury. When they are strong, they make the most basic of tasks easier to perform. Strong muscles also provide the proper support for other vital components such as the spinal column, and joints found in the shoulder, knee and hip areas. It does not take much of a weekend warrior activity, such as yard work or moving a piece of furniture, for the average individual to experience a debilitating back or knee injury if they normally are very inactive.

The Aging Process
As we age, we begin to lose muscle starting around the age of 40. Unless an individual follows a consistent strength training and exercise program, they will continue to lose a small amount of muscle with every passing year. Along with muscle loss, bad habits such as poor posture and/or years spent sitting at a desk, poorly hydrated joints from years of lack of proper water hydration, often come together creating the perfect environment for a major orthopedic injury.

The best way to avoid an orthopedic injury is to consistently follow a well-rounded exercise plan. Staying well-hydrated, along with a healthy diet will help keep an individual’s weight down, allowing joints to remain healthy and injury-free.

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