HROSM strives to provide the highest level of quality orthopaedic care to each of our patients. An important aspect of quality is offering innovative technology to improve our patients overall experience and outcomes. Beginning in May 2018, HROSM will offer our patients state-of-the-art digital radiography technology with the KDR Advanced U-Arm (AU) System and additional Wireless Digital Radiography System from Konica Minolta.
Swiveling into place across an extended range of motion, the KDR AU system revolves around the patient and provides advanced automation allowing our technologist to complete the exam faster. The superior image quality of the KDR system will provide our physicians with excellent bone and soft-tissue visualization to reach diagnoses sooner.


As an orthopaedic practice, we often times see patients who are unable to move from a wheelchair or seated position. Considering this challenge, we have obtained the Wireless Digital Radiography System which provides our technologist with a uniquely portable and flexible detector to image patients in a wheelchair.


The advanced design of the Konica AU and Wireless DR System will expedite the diagnostic process and elevate our patient’s overall experience,” says Dr. Adrian Baddar, managing partner of HROSM. “We are excited to offer this technology for our patients and know that it will provide exceptional results.”