Skipping Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy – DR. LOIS BENJAMIN 2017-06-19T10:59:30+00:00

Dr. Hoff stem cell therapy pain management specialist Hampton RoadsSkipping Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy – DR. LOIS BENJAMIN

“Aging with a new attitude” is how Lois Benjamin lives and teaches by example. “Engagement, empowerment, exploration and enthusiasm are the four key pillars of my philosophy,” explains Lois. Her goal is challenging negative stereotypes associated with aging and encouraging a more positive outlook on growing older.

Lois grew up in Georgia and went on to earn both her Master’s and Ph.D. from The University of California, Berkeley. She was the first African-American woman to graduate from Berkeley’s Department of Sociology. She retired from Hampton University as professor emerita of sociology and has published several books.

Along with these accomplishments, Lois is passionate about living a healthy life. Her commitment to holistic living has served her well, as her physical and mental health have benefited greatly from her healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

One day, during her regular yoga practice, Lois made a sudden sharp turn, injuring her knee. The pain persisted, so she knew it was time to seek medical attention. Luckily, she remembered meeting Dr. Jeremy Hoff at a seminar she had attended months earlier.

Lois had found Dr. Hoff’s seminar presentation inspiring and requested his business card. At the time, she did not need it for herself; rather, she thought he would be a great contact for the “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body 2020” project she chaired.

“Lo and behold, six months later, I was looking everywhere to retrieve the card that I had filed away, because I had injured myself!” Lois says ironically.

At Lois’s first appointment with Dr. Hoff, he recommended physical therapy. In addition, Lois tried alternative treatments to help her body heal. However, after two months the pain had persisted, interfering with her daily life. Dr. Hoff and Lois made a decision: to try stem cell therapy as the next step.

“This nonsurgical procedure involves harvesting the patient’s fat cells, which are concentrated in a centrifuge to obtain the stem cells and  then combined with the patient’s concentrated blood and injected into the appropriate area to promote healing,” explains Dr. Hoff. Stem cell therapy is a relatively new and exciting area of orthopaedics, and Dr. Hoff hopes that it gains popularity as a treatment for joint pain.

“Stem cell therapy has worked wonderfully in our clinic. Nearly every patient whom we have treated reported significant improvement and not one so far has gone on to have surgery,” Dr. Hoff says.

Lois is thriving and back to her yoga practice. She reports feeling alive and wonderful and enjoying gardening and power walking. “I am a very active person and couldn’t imagine my life hampered by an injury,” she observes.

“Dr. Hoff is professional, passionate and compassionate,” Lois states. “Furthermore, he is extremely competent and an excellent doctor! All I can say is that I am so pleased that I sat next to him and got his card all those months ago!”

Lois plans to write a book on “Aging with a New Attitude,” hoping to help and inspire others.