physician's assistantPatients today have many options for their care and may have questions about what responsibilities are taken by different types of providers. At Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, every member of the team is dedicated to providing exemplary patient care with the highest quality of services. Our orthopaedic physicians assistants play a vital role in providing that care.

Our team of orthopaedic physicians assistants is comprised of Melvin Palmer, P.A-C, Sarah Bott, P.A-C, Genevieve Thomas, P.A-C, Jenna Nash, P.A-C, Sean Hindman, P.A-C, Shannon Holloman, P.A-C & A.T.C, Julia Hough, P.A-C, Andrew Johansson, P.A-C, Rachel Helmer, MPA & P.A-C,  Lauren Labra, P.A-C, and Megan Wittusen, PA-C.

This position is highly technical and hands-on. The training and education of a physician’s assistant is approximately two-thirds the length of a physician’s training. Most PAs enter the field with a bachelor’s degree and four-and-a-half years of experience in health care. Specific educational requirements include
-a degree from a physician assistant program
-clinical certification
-a state license

Orthopaedic physician assistants, or PAs, do many of the same duties as a physician, but they work under the supervision of a physician. Some of their duties include:

1) Assist the orthopaedic surgeon during surgery
Getting equipment ready and looking after it during the surgery, speaking to the patient before and after the surgery, helping with surgical operations such as wound closure and conducting             hospital rounds for post surgical instructions are all duties that may be performed by an orthopaedic PA.
2) Providing care in the physician’s office, in the hospital, or in clinics
Performing physical exams, ordering and collecting lab procedures, initial study of an x-ray, giving injections (such as cortisone injections in joints), applying casts or splints and                                  prescribing and administering medication to patients are duties that may take place in the office during your visit by a physician assistant.

A typical day in the life of one of our orthopaedic physician’s assistants might include prescribing medication for an elderly woman’s arthritis, assisting the physician with an operation on a man’s fractured ulna, formulating a treatment plan for a woman suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, and handling office phone calls for a few hours.

Here at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, we value our orthopaedic physician’s assistants and the role they play in patient care. Our physician’s assistants are all licensed by the State of Virginia and are all certified nationally. Each of our P.A-Cs work under the guise of a licensed medical doctor, and have specialized experience with orthopaedic issues.
To make an appointment with one of our providers, or for more information on the role of our physician’s assistants, contact us at (757)873-1554.