Open-Multi-Positional-MRI-300x300_cDid you know that Hampton Roads Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine was the first practice in Virginia to offer upright MR imaging? Multi-positional MRI is the only whole-body MRI that has the ability to perform Upright MRI and Position Imaging. Patients can be scanned standing, sitting, in flexion, extension, rotation, lateral bending as well as the usual position used in “lie down” MRI scanning.

Thanks to this ability the scanner offers unparalleled quality and the ability to detect problems many other scanners may miss.

State-of-the-art Technology
Multi-positional MRI is the most advanced technology in the industry and has become the “gold standard”. Multi-positional is capable of the highest quality in MRI imaging

Patient Comfort & Ease
This technology offers the most non-claustrophobic, whole-body Open MRI and provides an unprecedented degree of patient comfort. Patients can walk into the scanner, have their scan done, and walk out. There is nothing directly in front of their face or over their heads that can cause them to experience a “closed in” feeling. Patients can comfortably sit and even watch TV during the scan!

Overview of benefits of Open MRI
Anyone can benefit from the comfort and convenience of open MRI, they can be especially beneficial for:

  • Patients who are claustrophobic or anxious about imaging procedures
  • Young children, older adults or anyone who may require the presence of a loved one or caregiver during their procedure
  • Larger or bariatric patients who may not fit comfortably in a conventional MRI machine

How to Prepare for your MRI MRI-Image-1-300x300_c
Preparing for an MRI exam is easy. You may take your medications as usual (if any) unless your doctor tells you otherwise. You can eat or drink whatever you like before your MRI.

How long does the scan take?
It depends on what part of the body is to be scanned and whether or not your doctor has ordered any special or extra scans. In most cases, the exam takes between 15 and 45 minutes.
We are committed to providing patients the highest level of care and comfort and our Open MRI is just one of the ways we ensure that! If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, fill out our online form and one of our scheduling coordinators will contact your shortly!