Dr. Sohagia 2019I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Sohagia for almost three years. Dr. Sohagiatakes great pride in the work he does with his patients to ensure they have the activity and lifestyle they wish to maintain. When patients need relief, he educates them on all the treatment options they have available to them. On a daily basis, Dr. Sohagia reminds us how important it is to help patients live a healthier and pain free life.

He truly cares how his patients feel and how the staff members make them feel. I could not ask for a better doctor to work with. When it comes down to our patients, they are always our top priority. Making sure we are patient centered as a team, we want to make everyone coming in feels that we care. We always take care of our team as well with every aspect regardless if it is at work or outside of work. I can honestly say working with Dr. Sohagia he has shown to be compassionate and kind hearted to everyone. Patience has never been one of my greater qualities but working here I’ve learned how important it is. Dr. Sohagia may seem like such a serious man, but deep inside he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever known, he has compassion, patience, and pride in the work he does. As a team we always ensure every task gets checked twice. We always say “Double check, triple check, quadruple check to make sure everything is done right.”

Although I am only a medical assistant, Dr. Sohagia has taught me so much more. Through the years I have been able to pin point the next step Dr. Sohagia will take prior to him even saying so.  Dr. Sohagia’s favorite way of educating patients is by using the spine modelto explain the health issues they may have going on. He also likes to teach them exercises they can use to ensure pain does not become reoccurring and they strengthen their muscles.  It is very important that every patient becomes more involved with their health rather them saying “Oh I have degenerative issues somewhere.” It is important to Dr. Sohagia that patients have all the knowledge they need to better themselves on a regular basis.

Dr. Sohagia ensures everyone is always taken care of, every step of the way. He addresses the concerns of patients through explaining the possible risks and benefits to every option. No matter how small or large the task may seem, patient’s needs are always met, even if it means fighting with insurance companies for the right medications or procedures.Dr. Sohagiacommits to going the extra mile for his patients.

  • Alta, MA