Chad Carlson-hrosm-blue-pt-RGBHROSM Physical Therapy Center is excited to welcome Chad Carlson, DPT. Chad has been practicing physical therapy since 2014. He has been working in Geriatrics since receiving his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Lynchburg College in 2013. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2009 with his Bachelors of Science and played football during his four years at Virginia Tech.

We sat down with Chad today for a Q&A to get to know him a little bit more.

1: What position did you play on the Virginia Tech football team?

 I played defensive end for Virginia Tech from 2005 to 2009.  

2: What made you want to become a P.T?

My first two years of playing football were hindered by surgeries and a few other injuries came later in my career.  Physical therapy gave me the opportunity to continue playing football and it opened my eyes to seek out physical therapy schools after I graduated. I was able to observe a few PT’s in this area and was privileged to work with them as a tech until I was accepted into DPT school.  

3: What area or specialty of Physical Therapy do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy many different aspects of physical therapy and I cannot say that I enjoy one clinical setting over another. I have most of my experience in geriatrics but I have experienced the patient side of orthopedics as a student athlete. This is exactly why I decided to make the change from geriatrics to orthopaedics.  I feel very blessed to join the HROSM team and grow as a therapist. 

4: What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

During my free time I enjoy playing guitar and volunteer coach for the Poquoson varsity football team.