Baddar-Environment1“My Only Regret Is Not Seeing Dr. Baddar Sooner”

Lucille Newby had struggled with hip pain for several years. She felt she had exhausted all of the non surgical treatment options for pain relief including physical therapy and injections. Nothing seemed to alleviate the pain she was experiencing in her right hip. “I felt I had reached the end of my rope and knew something had to be done”. It had gotten to the place where getting in and out of my car was painful, using the restroom was difficult along with performing simple daily activities. I was living life but did not have quality of life” said Newby. After seeking treatment from other specialists, she knew she needed to schedule an appointment to get a second opinion concerning hip replacement surgery. After going on line to research Orthopedics in the area, she called to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adrian Baddar.

“I remember arriving for my appointment with Dr. Baddar and being in so much pain that I had to use a wheel chair” said Newby. After reviewing the x-rays and going over my previous medical history Dr. Baddar recommended hip replacement surgery. “Dr. Baddar said that he could continue injections or pain medication but ultimately a hip replacement would be the only treatment considering the severity of my arthritic hip.”

Dr. Baddar performed hip replacement on Newby on October 29th 2014. Newby was discharged from the hospital 24 hours following her surgery to continue physical therapy through a local home health care agency. “After 2 weeks of physical therapy at home, at my follow up appointment with Dr. Baddar, I requested to finish my Physical Therapy at HROSM so I could keep moving forward. I went from barely being able to walk at times, to walking 3 miles three to four times a week 8 weeks after my surgery. My only regret is allowing myself to suffer for so long before scheduling an appointment with Dr. Baddar. I honestly cannot say Thank You enough for all Dr. Baddar has done me.”