It’s orthopedic care you can trust, in your hometown.

Five years ago, HROSM expanded their office locations to include an office in Newtown of Williamsburg. Dr. Daniel Cavazos, MD, F.A.A.O.S., founded the location after realizing many Williamsburg residents were driving to Richmond for specialized treatment.  Dr. Cavazos developed a passion for growing specialized local care after his experience driving his father-in-law to Richmond for heart surgery. He saw that the trip was inconvenient and at times stressful for his wife and his mother-in-law, who didn’t like driving at night. Dr. Cavazos notes, “I thought to myself, ‘We could change that situation fairly quickly for orthopedic patients.’”

Since then, HROSM Williamsburg has grown to include more specialized orthopaedic care to better serve the local community.  Joining Dr. Cavazos in offering Williamsburg appointments are Dr. Alexander Lambert II, MD, who handles most sports medicine cases and also is a team physician for the College of William and Mary; Dr. John Aldridge, MD, F.A.A.O.S., a specialist in joint replacements and minimally invasive spinal surgery; and more recently the addition of Dr. Scott Bradley, MD, a fellowship trained physical medicine and rehabilitation physician who focuses on interventional pain management.

The Williamsburg community is all about hometown pride and the providers of HROSM Williamsburg are proud to be members of this community. Not only do they serve the Greater Williamsburg community but they are a part of it as well. Living in Williamsburg, participating in the local sporting events, encouraging the growth of the community; it is best said by Dr. Cavazos, “I live in Williamsburg myself and I am grateful to be in a position to be able to help the residents of this wonderful community.”