Mr. John Hutton, local resident of Hampton, spent many years as the head mechanic for his plumbing business. The years of rigorous hands-on work took a toll on his joints; his shoulders experienced most of the wear and tear. Mr. Hutton explains, “My shoulders just began to wear out from the many years of active work. Like the tires on your car, you can rotate them, but eventually they will need to be replaced. That is exactly what happened to my shoulders.” When it came time to see an orthopaedic physician, Mr. Hutton reached out to his family medical provider for a recommendation and was referred to Dr. Thomas Fithian. In fact, his family doctor said “John, if it were me or a family member of mine, I would choose Dr. Fithian; he is the shoulder surgeon to see.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.03.29 PMUpon Mr. Hutton’s first appointment with Dr. Fithian, the x-rays showed severe arthritis in both shoulders. “I knew that my shoulders would eventually need to be replaced. Dr. Fithian exhausted every avenue of treatment including injections and therapy prior to discussing total shoulder replacement; I greatly appreciated all his efforts” says Mr. Hutton. After working through various treatment options, total shoulder replacement was the final result to alleviate the pain and return Mr. Hutton to his active lifestyle. Dr. Fithian performed left total shoulder replacement on Mr. Hutton in November of 2014 and right total shoulder replacement in March of 2015. “I could not have asked for better outcomes” says Mr. Hutton. “To have my surgery on a Thursday, leave the hospital on Saturday, and have full range of motion within just a few weeks, it was a great feeling. I cannot say thank you enough to Dr. Fithian and his team. Dr. Fithian has given me the opportunity to return to the activities I enjoy the most.”