Most Americans suffer from back pain, at least during some period of their adult lives. Although, sometimes back pain is caused by accidents or sports-related injuries, it can also be the result of too much sitting. Do you have a desk job that involves a lot of sitting? If so, it is important to take preventive measures to avoid back pain. Besides being uncomfortable and painful, long hours sitting at a desk can also result in getting less work done. But when you sit properly at your desk and take breaks, you are less likely to develop back pain. Here are some basic guidelines that help prevent back pain caused by a sedentary desk job.  


  • Take Short Breaks from Sitting

If you have a desk job, it’s critical that you take frequent, short breaks to avoid back stiffness and tenseness. According to health specialists, you should take a small break from sitting about every 30 minutes. Only a minute or two of standing up and walking around your desk can be helpful.

  • Adjust Your Chair to the Right Height

When your chair isn’t the proper height, it can cause back strain. One way to determine if your chair is the correct height is by checking the angle that forms at your elbow joint. If the chair height is correct, your elbows should form the shape of a capital “L” at the elbow joint, with your forearms and writs parallel to the ground. Furthermore, while sitting in your chair, your thighs need to be at right angles, although they can also slope slightly down.

  • Support Your Lower Back

Even if your chair is adjusted properly for your back, you can still have back pain if you don’t provide the right support for your lower back. One way to do this is to place a pillow between your chair and your back. A footrest can also be beneficial for supporting the lower back.

  • Position Your Computer and Other Accessories at the Best Possible Level

Another essential factor is the location of your computer, along with its accessories. For example, your computer keyboard needs to be from four to six inches in front of your body, and the screen should be at eye level. Place your mouse close to your hand, so you don’t have to bend your back when reaching for it.

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