hrosm logoFractures, sprains and surgeries affect most people at some point in life. At such times, you want to be in good hands from your first consultation through your last day of rehabilitation. At Hampton Roads Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, (HROSM) those hands belong to Dr. Thomas E. Fithian and Dr. Jon H. Swenson.

Dr. Jon H. Swenson, who have more than 50 years experience between them. Dr. Fithian and Dr. Swenson have medicine in their family trees. Fithian’s father and mother were a doctor and nurse, respectively. The practice was run out of their home, exposing Fithian to medicine throughout his adolescent years. “We’d see the patients pass on their way into the house,” Fithian says.

Dr. Swenson had an anesthesiologist uncle, but didn’t know he wanted to be a doctor until later in life. After being trained as a field engineer, Swenson felt a need to help people and decided to pursue a career in medicine. “At the end of the day, I went home but didn’t feel like I had helped anybody. It felt empty,” Swenson explains. “But I saw in the operating room (OR) they had drills, they had a chuck key—everything that I was used to using, so I knew. It was a one-day thing,” Swenson goes on to say about deciding on a field. For both doc- tors, it was the tools of the trade that drew them to orthopaedics.

With Fithian’s fascination with shoulders and Swenson’s passion for knees and hips, patients can be assured they are covered from head to toe.

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