dr aldridgeThe providers of HROSM are committed to staying on the forefront of orthopaedic medicine. Our orthopaedic surgeons participate and often lead clinical research studies with various healthcare developers to enhance surgical procedures and patient outcomes for cases such as total hip and total knee replacements. Over the past two years, Dr. John Aldridge has been a leader in a new study, “Early Clinical Outcomes of a Neck Preserving Femoral Hip Stem,” which evaluated the clinical outcomes of the new Exactech Alteon® Neck Preserving Femoral Stem hip implant. This neck preserving stem is a promising alternative to conventional femoral stems for total hip replacements, designed to allow surgeons to use smaller incisions and preserve more of the patient’s femur.

“Hip replacement methods have improved significantly over the last two decades and this new treatment will benefit many active adults, especially those who are being treated for hip replacements at younger ages,” said Dr. Aldridge, who also has pioneered other spinal surgery and total knee replacement surgeries. “The smaller implant is designed to spare more bone and ligament, which is important if a hip replacement revision is required on a patient after time.”

The results of this two year study showed marked improvements in the functional outcome scores from the pre-operative visit to 2-years post-operative. The results of this study provide surgeons and patients with a promising alternative to conventional femoral stems for total hip replacements.

The Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) has selected this study to be presented at their 2018 meeting being held this March. Being selected to present at the annual ORS meeting is indicative of high quality, innovative research that is transforming orthopaedic medicine. Dr. John Aldridge, along with others from his team, will travel to New Orleans to present their results to hundreds of orthopaedic surgeons from around the world.