Dr. Carter SuccessWhere Do I Start?
My Success Story with Dr. Carter

Dr. Carter was referred to me by a friend who had a total hip replacement.

My knee issues have been problematic for 10 years and the arthritis caused increasing levels of pain, limited my range of motion, and yes the sedentary life style only supported further weight gain.

Dr. Carter supported the position that I was a candidate for Bi-lateral knee replacement. This was great, this decision reduced everything to a onetime event i.e., one hospital stay, one healing process, one downtime event and my caregiver, my wife, only has to experience this one time.

To Dr. Carter’s credit, his masterful medical techniques and skills required only one night stay in the hospital.

The staff at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital were outstanding in every way. All expressed professional treatment during my stay and the cleanliness through- out the hospital was exemplary.

Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital in house pharmacy is a great advantage to obtain all the required medications prior to leaving the hospital. A staff person from the pharmacy will come to your room and explains all aspects about the medication you will be required to take and the expected results. This service eliminates the additional stop to an outside pharmacy on the way home.

In home rehabilitation therapist services were provided by Bon Secours Home Care. The transition from surgery back to daily living went very well. The nurses and physical therapist truly enjoy the follow up with Dr. Carter patients, as told to me. His patients are informed, good candidates for the performed procedures, willing to do the required regimental rehab therapy.

I’m just one day away from my follow up office visit with Dr. Carter. I’m less than two weeks out from my bi-lateral total knee replacement and I’m able to transition 13 steps on a spiral stairway and I’m move about the house with very little aid of the walker. This has been a pleasant transformation from the continual pain I experienced before surgery to my ability to return back to living again and participating in the activities I enjoy best.

Very Respectfully, Glen Musick