Anterior Hip Foundation Dr. Carter HROSMThe Anterior Hip Foundation (AHF), an international society fostering advancement of the anterior approach to total hip replacement, has selected Dr. Anthony Carter, Hip and Knee Replacement surgeon at HROSM, to serve on their board of directors. Founded by global thought leader and anterior approach pioneer Dr. Joel Matta of Santa Monica, CA, the AHF is a collaborative enterprise created by orthopedic surgeons to continue improving the anterior approach technique and associated technologies.

“As an early adopter of the Anterior Approach hip replacement technique, Dr. Anthony Carter gained prominence in the surgeon community for his exceptional technical proficiency while cultivating one of the busiest orthopedic practices on the East Coast on the basis of his patient-first principles. The Anterior Hip Foundation is thrilled that Dr. Carter has accepted our invitation to join AHF’s Board and we are excited to work together to further innovate the Anterior Approach hip replacement technique through improved education and technologies,” noted Drs. Joel Matta & Charles DeCook, Founders of the Anterior Hip Foundation.

Currently, the Anterior Hip Foundation board is composed of 14 surgeons. Each board member was nominated by AHF on the basis of clinical leadership on the anterior approach technique, past and present contributions to hip replacement, key opinion leadership and business proficiency, as well as personal character and reputation. Board members are responsible for broad oversight of AHF initiatives, programs, meetings, membership growth, and they also have a voice in the annual operational planning.

Dr. Carter Anterior Hip Foundation “It is an honor to be named to the inaugural board of the anterior hip foundation and I am excited to be working with this esteemed group of renowned surgeons,” says Carter. “The hip society is uniquely positioned to be the premier body dedicated to the advancement of hip surgery. Since introducing the anterior approach to the Hampton Roads community over ten years ago, it has transformed the way hip surgery is performed and has greatly improved patient care with better outcomes and shorter recovery times,” states Carter.

Dr. Anthony Carter will serve as chairman of the innovation and technology committee of the AHF stating, “I look forward to continuing to advance the concepts of the anterior approach not only regionally but nationally and internationally. I have had the privilege to meet, teach and observe surgeons from all over the globe and will continue to bring that breadth of knowledge and passion to my duties on the board.”