upright MRI

Upright MRI Imaging

Hampton Roads Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine is proud to be the first in Virginia to offer upright MR imaging to patients throughout the Hampton Roads and surrounding areas

As the first and only MRI machine capable of scanning patients in weight-bearing and non-traditional positions, the UPRIGHT® MRI’s unmatched features make it truly state-of-the-art in the field of diagnostic imaging. The scanner’s one of kind magnet configuration places opposing magnetic poles on each side of the patient, facilitating the ability to scan in multiple positions including seated, standing, bending, flexion and extension, or recumbent. The generous space between the vertically oriented magnets enables our machine to scan patients of most statures.

A few of the benefits: of UPRIGHT® Multi–Position MRI include:

  • Symptom–Specific Positional Scanning
    While other MRI’s can only scan you while the patient is lying down, the UPRIGHT® Multi–Position MRI has the ability to scan the patient in the position they experience their problem—sitting, standing, bending, leaning, as well as lying down.
  • Weight-bearing Scans Increase Diagnostic Accuracy
    The Upright™ MRI allows all parts of the body to be imaged with the normal weight of your body on the spine and other joints. As pain or discomfort is typically brought on by everyday activities, it only makes sense that a medical test could actually show what is happening inside your body while you are really in these specific positions. With FONAR’s UPRIGHT® MRI, these positions can be replicated, which can in turn lead to a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Unrivaled Comfort; Watch TV During Your Scan
    The Upright™ MRI is the most non-claustrophobic whole-body Open MRI – a patient can even watch TV during the scan. It truly provides an unprecedented degree of patient comfort because there is an unobstructed view of the scanner room from inside the magnet. There is nothing in front of the patient’s face.

The revolutionary design of FONAR’s Stand-Up™ Open MRI allows patients to simply walk in and be scanned. Thanks to the MRI’s unmatched capacity to observe soft tissues, it gives our physicians a more comprehensive view of pathology and its impact on function. From a medical point of view, the Stand-Up Open MRI provides a superior view of the body’s interior.

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