Being a Nurse with Dr. BradleyI have been working with Dr. Bradley as his nurse for 2 ½ years. We hit it off instantly with a love of outdoors and physical exercise. Dr. Bradley is an avid biker; he especially loves riding in the rain! In our free time you will hear us discussing a broad range of topics from climate change to the latest medical update on Alzheimers or the newest documentary on Netflix.

Dr. Bradley sets the bar for compassionate physicians. He is very thorough and will spend time with his patients until they understand what has been going on with their spine, knee, etc. We have had many patients in tears because no one took the time to explain in detail what was causing their pain or what could be done for them in such detail. He is a physician that encourages physical therapy, healthy life style options, and injections before pain medicine which, of course, is necessary for many of our patients. 

It is not unusual to look up and see Dr. Bradley wheeling a patient out of the procedure room and out the front door to the sidewalk! On many occasions, he will strip the exams tables–he is the only doctor I have ever known to do this and I have worked with many nice doctors. I point these things out as examples of his thoughtful nature. 

Dr. Bradley is not only concerned with treating his patients and healing them with whatever options he has available, but he has regard for them first and foremost as people and individuals. 


– Gill Sever LPN