Dr. FithianDr. Thomas Fithian’s nurse at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics Spine & Sports Medicine for almost 16 years has been Maria Bakley. She gave a glimpse into her time working with Dr. Fithian throughout the years.

“Originally I started working at HROSM in 1992. Through the years, I have witnessed Dr. Fithian hone his skills in all areas of orthopaedic treatment and then by specializing in the care and treatment of shoulders.  Shoulder treatment was an area he was introduced to early in his career while working with Dr. Charles Neer II, a pioneer in shoulder impingement and surgical techniques.

Patients who visit with Dr. Fithian benefit from his years of experience and bedside manner.  He goes above and beyond in caring for patients such as taking his personal time to review images of shoulder on MRI, Arthrograms and CT scans to reassure report results have not been over looked by the original physician interpreter.  He is known for always taking his time to do a thorough exam, explain what he believes has happened, give treatment options and discuss what outcomes patients may expect. It is not uncommon after a visit for Dr. Fithian to provide additional treatment options and information or to call to see how well a patient is doing. I personally have witnessed him worry for a patient when they appear not to grasp the severity of an injury or ailment. 

Although Dr. Fithian is a surgeon, he puts the patients first and surgery might not always be their best treatment option.  If surgery is the best option then he takes his time to explain what is needed for a good outcome, what he will be doing to achieve that and other important information so the patient rarely has questions afterward.

Patients often comment how appreciative they are that he usually keeps to his schedule.  He likes taking time with his patients and does this by not overbooking his schedules.  He is able to achieve this with the help of India, his star medical assistant.  India greets and prepares patients for their visit and relays pertinent information to the doctor to help insure the patient’s concerns will be completely addressed. 

Unfortunately not every patient can be helped by Dr. Fithian expertise but because he cares and puts patients first he will seek out other physicians that may address their needs and make a referral to them.

I cannot believe how lucky I am to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Fithian.” –  Maria Bakley, LPN