Dr. KellerI have been working with Dr. Keller for 11 ½ years. While working with him for this time, I can tell you that he treats us all like equals. He is a team player that we enjoy working with every day. This leadership style works for our team; we know Dr. Keller supports and respects us. His patient care is what keeps the patients coming back. He gets to know his patients, he treats them with kindness and he shares stories with them. This is the kind of doctor you enjoy visiting!

Not only is he a great person to work with, but he is a great doctor. He is in popular demand because he is the best in this field. He is on the forefront of new techniques and procedures that can provide the opportunity for his patients to get back to normal function quicker. His patients keep coming back for the stories he tells, for his kind personality, and for the best treatment in our community.

– Chrissy Silva, M.A