Before retiring in 2016, Betty spent 22 years working for the public school system: first, as a bus driver, and later as a secretary. She was in charge of attendance records and took great pride in making sure kids came to school and maintained great attendance records. In her retirement, Betty is finding a great deal of enjoyment being active and spending time outdoors. She has hiked at Glacier National Park in Montana, as well as several trails in the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky.

However, Betty had to put a hold on her retirement adventures when pain in her hip began slowing her down. She began noticing pain in her right hip while hiking at Glacier National Park this past summer. “I had to sit and rest more than normal,” explains Betty. “I thought that the pain was coming from a pulled muscle or a strain, and it would heal with some time and rest.”

Unfortunately, the pain persisted after she returned from her trip and into the school year. At first, Betty continued to work and maintain her active schedule, despite the pain. Four months later, the pain became overwhelming. “I knew then that it was finally time to go see a doctor,” Betty says.

Upon examining Betty’s hip, Dr. Adrian Baddar of Hampton Roads Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine recommended hip replacement surgery. Betty did not waste much time after that, and at 62 years old received a hip replacement with Dr. Baddar.

Betty’s surgery went well, and her recovery even better. “I went in to have my surgery on a Wednesday morning at Mary Immaculate Hospital; and I was doing so well that the staff and Dr. Baddar sent me home to finish my recovery,” Betty happily explains.

“Betty’s active lifestyle and determination helped speed along an already atypically fast recovery pace for this surgery,” Dr. Baddar says. “An array of joint-replacement options now available can help the active adult enjoy physical freedom for many more years.”

“I came home from the hospital on Thursday, I took Tylenol and sat in my recliner to rest. Then on Friday morning I woke up and it was a miracle — I was on Cloud Nine. I was completely pain-free! I got up, made coffee and started on laundry. It was a piece of cake,” Betty says.

Betty was very pleased with the personal attention and care she received at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, and she urges others with joint pain to look into a solution that suits them. “It was a heavenly experience,” Betty says. “I can’t thank Dr. Baddar enough for giving me my life back, pain-free, so that I can enjoy the activities I love.”

Betty is now able to enjoy her active lifestyle once more. She is back to cycling her favorite trail, which is 43 miles long. Her goal is to bike to Richmond, a total of 53 miles. She is also planning another hiking trip to Kentucky and just returned from horseback riding, hiking and ziplining in Tennessee. “If it weren’t for a good hip, with good hip function, I wouldn’t be able to do all these activities,” Betty explains gratefully. “Thanks to Dr. Baddar, I have the best hip in the world!”