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We LOVE Sharing Our Patient Stories

All of our patients are unique, but each of their stories share a commonality – it begins with pain, loss of function and then ultimately medical intervention to restore the patient’s quality of life. Our greatest rewards at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine come from getting to know our patients and celebrating their successes. Our patients are our biggest advocates and we invite you to read their success stories on how interventional medicine and minimally invasive surgical procedures helped them achieve their recovery goals.

Knee Replacement Dr. Swenson Hampton Roads

A New Knee and a New Lease on Life ~ Susie Dorton

“Dr. Swenson is an angel, and I knew I was in good hands with him. He took his time to explain everything to me, and it is a great comfort to know he is my doctor.”

Dr. Carter orthopedic surgeon Hampton Roads

Back in Business - and Heels! ~ Melinda

“When I met Dr. Carter, I noticed right away he had the same passion for his work as I did. I could tell it was more than just a job to him,” Melinda says.

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Dr. Aldridge orthopedic surgeon Hampton Roads

A New Hip and A New Perspective on Life ~ Dr. Robert Heide

“When conservative methods, such as cortisone injections and arthritis medication failed, Robert and Dr. Aldridge decided that surgery would be the best option.”

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Dr. Hoff stem cell therapy pain management specialist Hampton Roads

Skipping Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy ~ Dr. Lois Benjamin

After two months the pain had persisted, interfering with her daily life. Dr. Hoff and Lois made a decision: to try stem cell therapy as the next step.

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Dr. McConnell foot specialist Hampton Roads

Believing in a Way Back ~ Dana’s Return to an Active Life

“Dana tried appropriate conservative methods first; but because nothing was providing significant relief, surgery was a consideration,” Dr. McConnell explains.

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shoulder surgery local orthopedist

College Gymnast Shares Her Secret to a Comeback ~ Stacia Ruse

“We tried managing the injuries with anti-inflammatories, and having Stacia work with trainers to strengthen her shoulders; but despite that, we couldn’t build up the muscles around her shoulders to compensate for the injuries,” Dr. Alexander Lambert II says.

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